Jul 242009

I’m making my debut large-scale SQL Server presentation at the Melbourne SQL Server user group next Tuesday, July 28.  Do come along!

Are your database files and backups and the data inside your tables safe from prying eyes? Or are the doors slightly ajar, or worse – wide open? It is ever more important to secure data these days, and the database is at the heart of your organisation.

Join Jim McLeod as he explores the various SQL Server features that can be used to secure your data. In this presentation, we also examine a method of indexing the encrypted data to allow fast retrieval, and to use SQL Server’s encryption functions for a variety of practical uses.

Registration is at http://www.sqlserver.org.au.

  One Response to “Melbourne SQL Server User Group Presentation – Encryption”

  1. Hi Jim,
    I had attended your presentation yesterday and was very good indeed.
    Do you have sql scripts that you showed during Presentation on your blog?

    Thanking You

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