Mar 022008

I’ve spent some time tonight updating the look of the site, and am now quite happy with the clean appearance. It’s nothing terribly original, but it’s looking sharp, and there’s fewer images. I’ll continue making some tweaks, but nothing earth shattering for now.

I also noticed that the Google Ads on the sidebar are advertising SQLBenchmarkPro at the top. This is a product I work with daily, and it’s invaluable for tracking the workload on your SQL Server database server, and how that workload changes over time. You can see the performance characteristics of the most resource-intensive queries on the server, and it lets you know exactly which queries you should tune to give your server relief. It’s definitely worth checking out! (Disclaimer: I’m closely involved with the developers of SQLBenchmarkPro, but it’s still a fantastic product!)

Edit: the ads are gone now, but you can visit

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