Apr 122011

It’s happened. After a long adolescence, SQL Server 2005 has finally grown up and left the nest. Today, April 12, 2011, marks the end-of-life date for mainstream support for SQL Server 2005.

As a parent, Microsoft will no longer have to completely support SQL Server 2005 in every way. MS won’t have to pick it up from Saturday night parties, or drive it to sports on Saturday mornings. (Quiz: Which sport would SQL Server 2005 play? Leave a comment!) While MS may spot SQL 2005 if it needs to catch a taxi home after a big night out, this sort of support will be fewer and far between.

SQL Server 2005 can now smoke if it chooses to, and if it happens to, it’s up to MS to decide whether to dissuade it, or let it continue. If you do catch your server smoking, I highly recommend putting out the fire immediately.

I think I’ve beaten that analogy quite enough. Extended support will continue until 12 April 2016, but it’s definitely time to consider a upgrade (to SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL11) as part of your three-year plan. If you’ve still got SQL Server 2000 databases, I’d still consider those as a top priority though.

Thanks, SQL Server 2005! It’s been a pleasure, but it’s time to fly the coop. Good luck! (And yes, I do realise the irony of wishing it luck at the same time telling it to go away and never come back!)

(Full list of End Of Life dates for SQL Server)

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