Apr 042015

Wow, it’s been just under two years since my previous post. I’ve had a couple of people ask about my blog, and why I’ve not posted. The good news is, I’m still around, and still working hard. It’s been a busy couple of years, but the highlights have included:

  • Organising SQL Saturday Melbourne (#296) in 2014
  • Organising and speaking at SQL Saturday Melbourne (#65) in 2015
  • Speaking at SQL Saturday Auckland (#186) – I can now claim to be an international speaker!
  • Working as an Oracle DBA. Although there was a pretty solid learning curve, Oracle and SQL Server are similar, and I find I enjoy both, although SQL Server still holds my heart.
  • Volunteering in the Victorian State Emergency service. While not technical, working as a storm, flood and rescue worker has been intensely rewarding.

My list of blog post ideas is currently sitting at 51 items, so there’s no shortage of content to come!

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  1. Welcome back, Jim! I hope at least one of those 51 blog post ideas involves cats in some way…..

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